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  • I have been taking adult aerial silks at Westchester Circus Arts for a while now, and I love it!. The instructors are always so helpful and encouraging. I need that being a 44 year old working mom who is always too tired. I recently celebrated my birthday here…Yes I had an ADULT CIRCUS PARTY!!!! It was AMAZING. Everyone was NOT TOO OLD to try any of the apparatuses. I even have a few friends now considering joining me in my aerial silks class., Hilary, Becca & Heather made everyone feel young at heart again! Thank you, ladies, for my AWESOME birthday party!

    Alma Madriaga
  • My daughter and I were students of the Mommy and Me class from 2012-2014. Hillary is an amazing instructor – she is patient, kind, and explains the movements extremely well. Along with gaining strength and confidence in myself I also gained a family in the instructors and students. I would be there today if I still lived in New York and I miss the WCA every day.

    stephanie cushing
  • I stumbled into Westchester Circus Arts looking for a new workout and fell in love with Aerial Silks! I just participated in the first Adult Variety Show and it was an incredible experience, can’t wait for the next one! Heather and Hilary are remarkable teachers and classes are challenging and fun! Anyone who is considering trying Circus Arts……Just go for it! It’s fantastic!

    Amy Mojica

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